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The Next MBA builds a community of top executives from leading companies around the world, embarking on a transformative learning experience.

This executive MBA programme is like no other; one that has been co-designed by executives from blue-chip companies, delivered by the world’s leading faculty, and organized in six cities on four continents.
Underpinning this endeavor is our conviction that Next Leaders need to be equipped differently to perform and succeed in the growing complexity of tomorrow’s challenges.
This programme exposes them to the key emerging trends, give them insight on critical business challenges, and inspires them in their search for solutions.
For each cohort of the program, we partner with a small group of companies, who will send a few selected, high-potential participants.

Learning expeditions

Learning expeditions & company visits: the internationalisation of the curriculum is a strategic dimension of the Next MBA.

What's the Next Leader like?

Tomorrow’s needs for business leaders: global mindset, shared leadership, agility, innovative mindset, sustainability.

Since 2010,
blue-chip companies took part in the programme, sending high-potential participants
To this day,
participants graduated via the NextMBA's 2-year cursus

2010 - Foundation of the NextMBA

Mazars creates TheNextMBA, a first of its kind innovative programme featuring a unique B2B model.

2017 - Launch of the 5th wave

Participants from X, Y and Z embark on a 2-year journey featuring field trips and learning expeditions across the 6 continents.