Why Next?

Education is the challenge of the 21st century.

The leaders who will be able to respond to the mega-trends of accelerating levels of connectivity, literacy, access to information, and demand for transparency, need different skills and mindsets than those of our leaders today.

It seems that the current model of executive education is being challenged on three different levels: 1) its value for money, and the related question of return on investment both for the individual and the company; 2) the quality and relevance of the programmes, resulting from a focus that it is often too theoretical vs. operational; 3) its commitment to business ethics, in light of the repeated economic crises, brought about by actions that respect the law, but not the underlying ethical principles.

Mazars has always been a challenger. Often for the challenger, even more so than for industry leaders, pioneering new solutions is the only way to avoid irrelevance or eclipse. Mazars has therefore invested in prototyping a new model – the next practice in executive education – to address the unanswered needs in our own structure and that of our clients to develop a community of leaders capable of responding to the mega-trends of tomorrow.

Scouting new formats in executive education

The Next MBA seeks to ensure a return on investment for all parties – participant, sponsor company, and faculty – by offering an innovative business to business model.

Founded on the principle of co-development

For each cohort of the programme, Mazars establishes a consortium of sponsor companies. This means that the HR and/or executive leadership of each member company works with Mazars and other members in the consortium to co-develop a program for each cohort. This is key to ensure that the programme will respond to both the development objectives of the individuals, as well as the organisational needs of the company.

With a maximum of 8 sponsor companies for any given cohort, the co-development model also creates the means to establish a real complementarity between participants through functional, cultural, geographic, and industry diversity. And at the same time, it guarantees that participants will share the same level of seniority, responsibility, and scope within their organisations, which is also essential for productive peer exchanges.

Conceived as a true executive MBA program for leaders in their fields who have already demonstrated excellence.

The essence of the programme is therefore to allow these individuals to boost their performance by leveraging their peers’ experience and insight. Just as it is a co-development in its design, so the experience is centered on co-creation: leaders learning with and through other leaders.

This is The Next MBA:

Assembling a diverse group of forward-thinking companies to co-design education programs that form the basis of a new community of leaders. It’s collective intelligence in action.