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Exploring the world

Learning expeditions & company visits: the internationalisation of the curriculum is a strategic dimension of the Next MBA. We develop its global orientation through each aspect of the programme: from the choice of location, to the choice of faculty, as well as in the selection of the participants themselves.

Spotlight on some key learning expeditions

November 2015 / Fosun, Cap Gemini, Gemalto Shanghai, Yangshan Port and the Free Trade Zone, L’Oréal Research Center…

Of course, Shanghai is a “must do” city for any business-minded executive training.

The quality of the people and companies we met in Shanghai transformed this learning week into a dive within the Chinese innovation & cooperation success factors; from the old-fashioned man-crafted factory to the top-level innovation centers, from the consulting industry to the biggest financial chinese conglomerate, our participants came from Shanghai with a completely different perspective on Chinese ability to imagine, transform, and deliver in Business.

October 2014, 2015, 2016 / A great immersion in the Silicon Valley spirit and life style. This week offers a mind-opening illustration, not only on how the biggest innovation players operate and grow, but also a unique view on the start-up systems, spirit and life cycles. Being at the forefront of innovation, companies like Salesforces, LinkedIn or Ideo provide our participants with a long sighted perspective of Innovation and advanced practices in their fields.
February 2016 / Attijariwafa Bank, Office Cherifien des Phosphates, Manpower Morocco, Mazars Morocco, i-Taxi, Omni-up, Maker Mind, LIK.

March 2016 / Peninsula Beverage Company (Coca Cola), Mazars in South Africa, Solms Delta, Barclays Rise, the Bandwidth Barn, the CiTi; but also our panel of entrepreneurs: Kilowatt AV, Ultimate Media, Colvest, Magnetic…

June 2016 / Russia offered us an out-of-box thinking and préjugés-breaking experience… from the highly innovative oriented Logistics company, Alhers Logistics, to the grandiose campus of Sberbank University in Moscow, we had an eye-opening week on the old and new Russian corporate landfield. The strong involvement of Auchan Russia has been a key success factor in the success of this learning week, offering us their unique insight, and a rich nextwork of academics, executives and political figures.

A few words from our latest field trip in Milan

A week we designed as a key gathering and self reflection journey…  The week started with Lego Serious play on Value Based Leadership… and our participants have been serious about playing ! Designing our Leadership through Lego bricks, getting feedback, designing our leadership transition… it triggered many questions and thoughts : what’s the “ideal” leader? Is there one and only ?
Than Markus Alsleben went on stage to make our participants prototype their second curve, the second curve for their business, and foster intrapreneurship.  Using digital tools that facilitate ideation, production, communication made this session highly interactive and productive.
Tammy is closing the week with a keynote on Engagement :  when you want to lead change in a VUCA world, with multiple generations, cross cultural stakes… what are the keys to engage peers and employees?

All our previous learning expeditions

Cohort 2014

San Francisco; Shanghai; Istanbul; Sao Paolo; Cape Town; Milano

Cohort 2015

San Francisco; Casablanca; Shanghai; Saint Petersburg, Moscow; Abu Dhabi, Dubai; Milano

Cohort 2016

Los Angeles, San Francisco; Cape Town; Moscow, Saint Petersbourg; Shanghai; Abu Dhabi, Dubai; Milano