An innovative learning design

The Next MBA’s learning design is organised to fit the expectations of senior executives who have already been exposed to high-end educational programmes. The key objective of the programme is to breakdown silos in order to view the world through new lenses.

Peer Perspective

Peers provide a pool of sparring partners and a source of cross-fertilization.

Business Perspective

Experiencing companies’ best practices and next practices, on a global and local level.

Academic Perspective

Learning about latest research and trends, facilitated by world-class faculty.

Operational Perspective

Enabling participants to understand how to implement new ideas quickly.

A transformative learning journey

The goal of this programme is to enable today’s senior executives to thrive in tomorrow’s world. The journey is constructed on world-class academics, brought to life with real-life experiences, and put into action through workshops, projects, and simulations.

Hands-on workshops to move idea to reality

Next Leadership Labs

These workshops foster self-reflection on behaviours, strengths, and skills to leverage or develop in relation to the 6 dimensions of The Next Leader.

Next Business Tools

These workshops focus on the key tools that leading companies and successful start-ups are using to design, produce, iterate and disrupt the processes of business as usual.

Meeting individual & corporate objectives


Accelerating your career

By providing new inspiration, challenging established points of view, reinforcing strengths, revealing gaps, and above all providing a powerful ecosystem of peers.


Accelerating corporate transformation

By sending not just one participant, but a group, companies leverage the programme as a corporate think tank for their strategic executives, who will shape the change agenda.