A transformative learning journey

The goal of this programme is to enable today’s senior executives to thrive in tomorrow’s world. The journey is constructed on world-class academics, brought to life with real-life experiences, and put into action through workshops, projects, and simulations.

An innovative learning design

The Next MBA’s learning design is organised to fit the expectations of senior executives who have already been exposed to high-end educational programmes. The key objective of the programme is to breakdown silos in order to view the world through new lenses.

Peer Perspective

Peers provide a pool of sparring partners and a source of cross-fertilization.

Business Perspective

Experiencing companies’ best practices and next practices, on a global and local level.

Academic Perspective

Learning about latest research and trends, facilitated by world-class faculty.

Operational Perspective

Enabling participants to understand how to implement new ideas quickly.

Meeting individual & corporate objectives


Accelerating your career

By providing new inspiration, challenging established points of view, reinforcing strengths, revealing gaps, and above all providing a powerful ecosystem of peers.


Accelerating corporate transformation

By sending not just one participant, but a group, companies leverage the programme as a corporate think tank for their strategic executives, who will shape the change agenda.



A highly customised curriculum

For Companies

For each successive cohort, the consortium companies define the twelve core subjects that will be addressed during the programme. Therefore our academic topics are constantly adapting to the changing business environment, and the evolution of consortium companies’ strategic interests.

For participants

The Next MBA team identifies the best professors to fit the course topic, and works with each faculty member to fine-tune the course curriculum. Participants with expertise and experience with the topic at hand will also have a briefing session with the professor prior to the class to shape the content as well as to integrate their experience into the classroom session.



Exclusive visits to world-class companies

Learning expeditions are essential to building participants’ ecosystem.

From start-ups to multinationals, the goal is to understand how to interact with the new world of alliances, partnerships, intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs, accelerators, labs, incubators.  By meeting with these actors each week, participants will observe and experience different ways of working, thinking and acting.

Hands-on workshops to move idea to reality

Next Leadership Labs

These workshops foster self-reflection on behaviours, strengths, and skills to leverage or develop in relation to the 6 dimensions of The Next Leader.

Next Business Tools

These workshops focus on the key tools that leading companies and successful start-ups are using to design, produce, iterate and disrupt the processes of business as usual.

Current schedule & locations

6 weeks over 18 months


Next start date for new students