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  • TheNextMBA’s learning design is organised to fit the expectations of senior executives who have already been exposed to high-end educational programmes.
  • Rule#1 is to carefully select seasoned faculty, yet very agile.
  • Rule#2 is to leverage the exceptional quality and diversity of the classroom.
  • Rule#3 is to embed the learning expeditions in the core courses and vice-versa.



A highly customised curriculum

For Companies

For each successive cohort, the consortium companies define the twelve core subjects that will be addressed during the programme. Therefore our academic topics are constantly adapting to the changing business environment, and the evolution of consortium companies’ strategic interests.

For participants

The Next MBA team identifies the best professors to fit the course topic, and works with each faculty member to fine-tune the course curriculum. Participants with expertise and experience with the topic at hand will also have a briefing session with the professor prior to the class to shape the content as well as to integrate their experience into the classroom session.